What a Cunt Looks Like

Photographer: Kelly Geraty.

There are two things you must do.

Firstly, you will not view these women as sexual objects. They are creatures of power and kindness and vices.

Secondly, you will keep this in mind: these women, in various ways, are showcasing their biggest strength through their greatest weakness. As cunts, they’re not afraid to be proud, to be weak, to be beautiful, to be humble. They’ve accepted that their graces and their flaws help create them into the magnificent cunts they are.

(click for full size photos)

You better watch what we do, how we live. Because we’re setting the precedent.

Pay attention.

3 thoughts on “What a Cunt Looks Like

  1. I purposely googled I am a proud cunt and got led to this site lol! Awesome! So tired of people thinking its unfeminine to stand up for yourself.


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